Thursday, November 24, 2011

Natural law of Man

In the previous post, I noted that the expulsion of Dr Schectman from the scientific community, for the crime of offering novel ideas, reveals a tension in man. On the one hand, our minds demand constant revision of our models. On the other hand, our need for dignity and security demands a stability in these very same models. The history of science is characterized by the steady victory of innovation over stability, as in the case of Dr Schectman. Problems in the sciences exist, to be sure, but mankind is committed to seeking formulations of natural law to solve these. Because of this commitment to research, progress in the math and the natural sciences seems to be steadily increasing since the renaissance, with old models giving way to new ones, almost as a matter of course.

In stark contrast to math and natural sciences, the science of living life, lags far behind. We do not find a corresponding commitment to seeking natural law in the domain of living life, in this sphere, the dark ages persist.

In the T’fila of the zmanim, we focus attention upon this issue. We yearn, to bring to the study of everyday living, the same framework of dynamic research into natural law found in the sciences. This yearning to bring dynamism into research of the laws of life itself, is the mission we were chosen for and what characterizes us a Jewish nation. His “Name” the sense of the Wisdom and natural law which underlies His Creation generally, is associated with the Jewish nation.
מו  ברכה אמצעית של ראש השנה, בערבית ושחרית ומנחה:
אתה בחרתנו מכל העמים ורצית בנו מכל הלשונות, וקידשתנו במצוותיך וקירבתנו מלכנו לעבודתך; ושמך הגדול והקדוש, עלינו קראת.
But why is this commitment to research in natural law in the domain of life, so unique? This is the topic of the next post.